Using GoBoard

GoBoard is an online learning platform designed to help facilitate online learning. While the platform was originally designed to host tutoring sessions, it is available for use by all GW students, faculty, and staff. 

If you have questions or problems using GoBoard, please email for assistance. 

Why Use GoBoard?

GoBoard is an online learning tool that combines video conferencing with an interactive canvas, designed to help faculty and students collaborate on virtually any topic. Unlike many other web-conferencing tools, GoBoard has many features integrated into the virtual board, such as graphing, equations, formulas, tables, and much more. Additionally, users can upload photos and documents to their board to highlight or annotate. GoBoard is great for tutoring, faculty office hours, or students looking to form virtual study groups.

Getting Started with GoBoard

  • Start by using GW's GoBoard link:
  • Recommended browsers for GoBoard are Chrome or Firefox.
  • Watch the introductory video to learn the basics of the GoBoard platform. 

Creating a GoBoard

To use GoBoard for tutoring or office hours, you will need to either create a new GoBoard or access an existing board

Create a new GoBoard

  1. Go to GW's GoBoard portal
  2. Click “Create a New GoBoard.”
  3. Depending on your status, choose “I’m a Tutor” or “I’m a Student.” Please note: 
    1. We recommend that those in an instructional role (i.e. faculty holding office hours, tutors working with the tutees, etc…) choose “I’m a Tutor” for record keeping purposes, however there is no impact once you are working on the board. 
    2. If you choose “I’m a Tutor,” you will first need to search for George Washington University. Then, you will need to choose one of the three options: “Login with Facebook,” “Login with Google,” or “TMS Account.” We recommend that you choose “Login with Google” and use your GW account.
    3. If you choose “I’m a Student,” you will only need to enter your name and GW email address. Your email is required because after the session, a PDF of the board will be emailed to you. Please note: the PDF will only be mailed to you only if more than one person is logged into the board with you
  4. Make sure the camera and microphone are enabled. You can turn either of these on or off once you are inside the board. We recommend using headphones with a microphone for the best quality audio. 
  5. You can either invite someone to join you at this stage, or you can open the board and invite someone once you have created the board.
    1. If you want to invite someone, select “Invite Someone to Join You.” You can either email the shareable link, or invite them by email or by Facebook message. 
    2. If you want to open the board and invite someone later, select “Enter Now (Invite Someone Later).” Once you are ready to invite someone into your board, simply copy and paste the URL in the address bar and send it, or provide the six digit alphanumeric code in after “” to whoever you want to join. 
    3. Please note that Goboard only allows 5 total individuals to be in one board at one time. 

Accessing an existing GoBoard 

Option 1: If the host invited you by email or Facebook messenger, use the login process provided. 

Option 2: If you have the six digit alphanumeric code from the host, you can go to GW's GoBoard portal and type/copy it into the “Existing GoBoard ID” section on the main page. After you click “GO” you will be brought into the board. 

Option 3: If the host provided you with the URL for the existing board, you can use the hyperlink or copy and paste the URL into the address bar. 

Using GoBoard

Basic Tools menu

Access the Basic Tools menu by by clicking the blue "Basic Tools" button located beneath your video, right clicking anywhere on the GoBoard, or by double tap if using an iPad.

  • PEN ICON (upper left): Allows you to draw with a pen in a variety of colors or use as a laser pointer on the screen.
  • LINE ICON: Draws lines or shapes, including dashed lines and lines with arrows, circles, squares, triangles, and arrows.
  • T ICON: Enter text, enlarge text, and change the color.  
  • ARROW ICON: Select items or text that you’ve drawn on the board.
  • ERASER ICON: Erases single items or the entire board.
  • ARROW ICON: Undo or redo your last action.

More Tools menu

Access the full range of tools by clicking the blue "More Tools" button located beneath your video. 

Available on the "More Tools" menus are the ability to:

  • Export your board
  • Import Images (from your phone, your computer, or the web)
  • Background options (Change color and lines of work space-graph vs. solid background)
  • Graphing calculator
  • Timer
  • Equation Editor (under Math tab)
  • Molecular bonds creator
  • Inserting a table (under Business tab)

You can also upload images, screenshots, and pdfs through this menu

Create a personal Reference Library to add your frequently used files. To import your own files into the resource library, click on the "more tools" menu and select “Reference Library,” and then “Add.” Files you add will be saved in your reference library for all your future sessions.

GoBoard Tips & Tricks

  • The last thing you draw will remain in blue until the next item is drawn.
  • To move to a second line while typing hit Shift+Return 
  • To paste things on to the GoBoard, select the Text tool from Basic Tools and then paste whatever you have copied.
  • If you make a mistake, simply use the ‘Eraser’ tool or press the ‘Undo’ button in Basic Tools.
  • Use the laser tool to point to a specific area on the screen without writing and keeping the text clear. 


If you would like to get more familiar with GoBoard, open a GoBoard using the steps outlined above, and complete the following actions:

  • Turn video on and off
  • Use the text chat. The chat area is the easiest way to send a URL or web link.
  • Find the "start screen sharing" button.
  • Change the size of the screen you are sharing so that the student can see you and the work.
  • Click on the Basic Tools box.
  • Try out the laser tool.
  • Create additional pages in your board and name them.
  • Find the timer and test it out.
  • Enter Full Screen mode

Now, add the following components to your board:

  • Add a red circle to the center of the board.
  • Write the word HELLO in yellow in the center of the circle.
  • Change the background color of the board to white. 
  • Remove the grid lines from the board.
  • In the top left corner create a list with 3 lines. The list should contain your name and major.
  • Use the equation editor or the text tools to write the Pythagorean theorem in blue (a2+b2=c2)
  • Write the word mistake and draw a yellow line through it.
  • Copy and paste text from a website onto the board and label it so. To paste text that you have copied select the Text Tool and then paste.
  • Insert a 3x3 table and resize it.
  • Upload an image/picture of the GW logo to your board and resize it.

If you have questions or are unable to complete one or more of the tasks, email for assistance.