DAAD RISE Professional Internships

There are only few scholarship programs offering a working experience abroad. In order to meet this need, RISE Professional matches North American, British or Irish interns with German companies and with non-university research institution that have a strong reference to industry.

RISE Professional started in 2006 for North American students as a sister program of RISE Germany. One target was to offer RISE Germany alumni the possibility to come back to Germany and to experience research out of university and to do research in a work environment. Since 2018, the program has welcomed students from Great Britain and Ireland. Its objective remains to promote the exchange of students to Germany in the fields of natural science, engineering and life sciences.


To apply for a RISE Professional internship you must:

  • be a full-time student enrolled in a Masters or Ph.D. program at a North American, British or Irish university (at the time of the internship) in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Earth Science or Engineering (or a closely related field)
    be an undergraduate RISE Germany- Alumni in a relevant field studying at a North American, British or Irish university (at the time of the internship)
  • Applicants must prove their enrollment at the time of the internship
  • Recent graduates are not eligible to apply
  • German language requirements depend on the nature of the internship. Some require at least an intermediate level of German language skills while others require none at all

Period of Study

An internship is possible for a period up to 3 months between May 15 and December 31.


1) DAAD will provide a monthly scholarship of:
– 250 Euros for undergraduates
– 250 Euros for  MA-students
– 500 Euros for  Ph.D. students.

2) The host companies will contribute an additional stipend of at least 500 Euros net per month.

3) Each scholarship holder will receive travel expenses depending on the country of origin:
Ireland: 225,00 Euros
Great Britain: 200,00 Euros
Canada (east): 1.450,00 Euros
Canada (west): 1.275,00 Euros
USA (east): 1.175,00 Euros
USA (west): 1.300,00 Euros

4) DAAD will also provide health insurance and accident and personal/private liability insurance.

5) All scholarship holders will be invited to the three-day RISE meeting in Heidelberg at the beginning of July and will receive  160 Euros travel reimbursement to the meeting.

6) For those who plan to attend a language course in Germany, DAAD will cover 70 % of course-fees (max. 250 Euros).


If you are interested in applying for this award and require assistance, you should contact the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships


The internship database typically opens between November 1 December 15.

Additional information and specific deadlines are available on the DAAD RISE Professional website



Class Year

  • Graduate
  • Doctorate


  • STEM
  • Multiple


  • English
  • Non English


  • Other

Program Type

  • Graduate Study
  • Professional
  • Research


  • Europe

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