Tutoring Across Campus: Virtual Resources

This page outlines academic support resources across campus that are offering services virtually during the virtual learning period. The information will be updated frequently, but please note that delays in updates and changes may take place. For the most up-to-date information, check the website for the specific unit. Websites can be accessed by clicking on the title of each resource below.

There may be additional resources offered across campus. As more information becomes available, this page will be updated. If you oversee an academic support program across campus and would like to be featured on this page, contact academiccommons@gwu.edu.

Academic Commons

Academic Commons offers tutoring and academic support for a variety of STEM and non-STEM courses. Students can schedule remote appointments or attend virtual drop-in or review sessions through Cisco WebEx. Contact academiccommons@gwu.edu with questions or for assistance.

Accounting Department Tutoring

Tutoring is offered by the Department of Accountancy. No appointment is necessary. Students can discuss their questions (primarily related to financial and managerial accounting). Tutoring will be available after spring break through Webex. For information on accessing tutoring and availability, review the Accounting Department Website

For additional information, contact: deptaccy@gwu.edu.

Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Arabic, Greek, Latin, Persian, Hebrew, and Turkish languages.

Contact Samuel Nohra (samuelnohra@email.gwu.edu) to access tutoring services for the languages listed above.

Department of Mathematics Calculus Lab

The Calculus Lab is a free tutoring center for GW students who need additional help in their calculus courses. The goal of the Lab is to improve the overall academic performance of calculus students at George Washington University. The Calculus Lab is only available for students in the following courses: Math 1221 (Calculus with Precalculus II), Math 1231 (Single-Variable Calculus I), Math 1232 (Single-Variable Calculus II) and Math 2233 (Multivariable Calculus). The Calculus Lab is operated by the Department of Mathematics, and staffed by tutors, who are all graduate students in the Mathematics department. Each shift has two tutors who you can go to for assistance on any Calculus-related issues that you may have.

Educational Support Services for Student-Athletes

Our office is dedicated to services for varsity student-athletes. Our advising balances the requirements of the NCAA and university programs while offering athletes access to weekly success meetings, a learning specialist, and tutoring services. In the online period we are utilizing WebEx with our tutors and for our weekly advising meetings. Student-athletes should reach out to their assigned sport advisor regarding meetings and services.

Eligible student-athletes can fill out a Tutor Request Form to receive additional information. Any further questions about tutoring can be directed to Kate Whitaker at esstutoring@gwu.edu.

GSEHD Research Lab

Students at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development are encouraged to pursue research in their areas of interest. The GSEHD Research Lab offers support to students through the following services:

  • Help for GSEHD students taking research methods and statistics classes.
  • Assistance with quantitative and qualitative data analysis software.
  • Consultation and feedback on research design and data collection/analysis (including for theses/dissertations).
  • Referrals to expert faculty members and other campus resources.

Help is available via phone, email, or video chat. Please email edreslab@gwu.edu to schedule an appointment.

Student Success Coaching

Student Success Coaching is an individualized service provided to all undergraduate GW students upon request. The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to successfully navigate their undergraduate experience. Using interactive and personalized methods, Student Success Coaches can help students set and work towards SMART and attainable goals, effectively manage free time and daily schedules, utilize appropriate study strategies, access campus resources and better acclimate to the GW campus environment.

Student Success Coaches are available to conduct coaching meetings virtually. Once participation is confirmed, the Coach will communicate the preferred method of contact. Students can learn more about the program or sign up by emailing studentsuccess@gwu.edu or calling 202-994-3233.

Romance, German, and Slavic Languages and Literatures

French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish languages.

Students can view the schedule and see the times available for the language of interest. Tutoring is available for languages included on the schedule (if the language you are seeking is not listed on the schedule, contact your professor for virtual office hours). The times listed on the schedule are for those language tutors that will be available via Skype. The students needing time with a tutor will need to contact them via the information on the schedule (Skype addresses listed at the bottom of the schedule).

SEAS Academic Support Resources

SEAS provides free academic assistance to all undergraduate SEAS students in a range of engineering-specific courses. These resources offered via our are Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Study Halls and our Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Assistants program.
From March 23 to April 27, all SEAS Academic Support Resources will be offered remotely: 
  • All PAL Study Halls will he held at their normal day and time via Google Hangouts. To attend, go to the SEAS Academic Support Resources webpage and click on the link under the PAL Study Hall tab or on the Live Calendar. 
  • All Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Assistant Office Hours will be hosted remotely during their scheduled time (EST) via WebEx or Google Hangouts which will be communicated via the courses instructional team once classes resume. To view the schedule for office hours and courses visit the Academic Support Resources webpage.
  If you have any questions, email seastutoring@gwu.edu

Writing Center

Through spring 2020, the Writing Center will offer all members of the GW community, from undergraduate to graduate students, online consultations on writing projects. We'll use Zoom's video-conferencing software to hold 50-minute appointments where our writing consultants will work in dialogue with writers at all stages of the writing process. Please visit our website to make an appointment.