Writing & Research Help

Writing Assistance

If you are looking for help with a writing assignment or project, book a consultation with the GW Writing Center! The Writing Center’s peer consultants facilitate conversations at all stages of the writing process, and work with all members of the GW community, from first-year undergraduates, to graduate students, to faculty and staff. For more information about the Writing Center, including our hours, please visit the GW Writing Center website. Appointments fill up quickly, so book in advance!  

Writing Resources

Research Consultations

Book a consultation with a research librarian for a one-on-one appointment, in person or virtual, to help you strategize and find the resources you need for projects, papers, presentations, articles, etc. Here are some examples of good times for a research consultation:

  • You have a research assignment, but you don’t know where to get started.
  • You have a research topic, but are struggling to find the resources you need.
  • Finding academic literature is new to you, and you would like an overview of the resources we have available.

Coding, Programming, Data, Statistical, and GIS Consultations

Book a consultation with a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist. Learn more about GIS assistance, including curricular support for instructors and workshops

Book a consultation for help with statistical analyses in R, Python, Stata, SAS, and more.

  • Statistical analysis using statistical computing packages
  • Quantitative sampling
  • Data preparation
  • Hypotheses testing

Book a consultation with our data services librarian for help organizing your data and preparing your data for long-term storage and sharing.

Book a consultation to research social media data or learn more about the Social Feed Manager.

Book a programming or software development consultation with a member of the Scholarly Technology Group, who can consult in the following areas:

  • Coding and scripting, including review and debugging
  • Selecting the best tools for what you need to do
  • Data cleaning and wrangling
  • Retrieving data from web sites and APIs
  • Full-text indexing
  • Data visualization
  • Programming languages
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • Java
    • Javascript
    • Bash shell scripting
  • Databases
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Lucene/Solr
  • Markup
    • HTML
    • XML
    • JSON
  • Other tools
    • Social media data
    • APIs
    • Web scraping

All appointments can be in-person or virtual. Please provide your own device and software, as needed, for your consultation. You can find support for installing common software on our Academic Software & Technology page.

Please note that our consultants do not provide answers to homework problems. For assistance with assignments in computer science courses, students should get in touch with their professor or TA or attend the Computer Science Study Halls. Undergraduate and graduate students are limited to meeting with the statistical and software consultants once per week.