Academic Software & Technology

What personal technology do I need?

For on-campus learning



  • Headphones
  • Secure, high-speed internet access
  • Built-in or external web camera
  • Ethernet dongle (if computer does not have a built-in network port)
  • Laptop lock
  • External hard drive
  • Flash drive

For virtual learning


  • Laptop or desktop (recommended specifications)
  • Surge protector
  • Headphones
  • Secure, high-speed internet access
  • Built-in or external web camera 


  • Built-in or external web camera
  • Ethernet dongle (if computer does not have a built-in network port)
  • Laptop lock
  • External hard drive
  • Flash drive


Some programs may require specialized equipment. Please check with your school or program for additional required technology. 

What should I do before starting the semester?



  • Download the Blackboard app to your mobile device.
  • Make sure you have a recommended browser installed to use Blackboard. 
  • Check your GWU email for important updates from your instructors.
  • Decide how you will store your important files like your papers or research. GW offers Google Drive and GW Box as storage for students.
  • Decide how you will backup your computer and how often. GW offers Google Drive and GW Box as backup options for students.

Common student tasks requiring technology

The basics at GW

Task  Use this service Get support

Claim GW UserID or email address


A UserID is a single username that provides access to multiple GW resources. Your UserID is the portion of your GW email address that precedes the "@" symbol.

Account Claim Application

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

UserID password requirements

Change your UserID password

What's the difference between a UserID and GWid?

Set up two-step authentication to access GW email, Box, GWeb, and other services Set up two-step authentication 

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

Two-step authentication FAQs

Access GW email and calendar

Access GWmail

Visit the myGW Portal, select "email" on the left menu and then under "Students” select "Go to GWMail". Log in with your GW UserID and corresponding password.

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

GWmail FAQs

Receive emergency communication from GW Log in to the GW Alert portal using your GW UserID and password. You may be asked to search for "George Washington University" when you first log in. This will bring you to the "My Account" page. FAQs on GW Alert
Print documents

Colonial Printing is a wireless printing service that enables you to print from anywhere on or off campus, and even from your smartphone or tablet.

Send your print job to the cloud and visit any kiosk on campus to print your document.

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

FAQs on Colonial Printing

User Guide

Managing your courses

Task  Use this service Get support

Access Blackboard, check assignments and grades


To login to Blackboard, use your GW UserID (the portion of your email address before the @ symbol) and corresponding password. Please note that you will be able to log in to Blackboard approximately 24 hours after you first claim your UserID.

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

How to login to Blackboard

Blackboard FAQs


Register or view class schedule, view student accounts, view grades, review financial aid awards

GWeb Information System (sometimes called Banner)


How to navigate the GWeb Information System

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

Collaborate on group projects, schedule and attend meetings remotely using voice and video

Webex, Zoom, or Blackboard


To begin using your WebEx account, login to


To begin using your Zoom account, navigate to and select "Sign-In" to configure your account. 


Some instructors may set up Blackboard options for group meetings.

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

WebEx Essentials

WebEx Troubleshooting

WebEx Video Tutorials

Monitor your progress towards graduation

DegreeMAP is accessed through the GWeb Information System:


Visit the GWeb Information System, select " Student Records & Registration,” “Student Records Information Menu” and then “DegreeMAP”

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or 


Students should contact their academic advisor with any questions they have regarding the information presented in DegreeMAP.

Find out what materials are required for your courses

GW Bookstore find my course materials

Contact the GW Bookstore by email at or phone at (202) 994-6870


GW Bookstore FAQs

See the syllabus for a past course

Syllabi Repository


Sign in to Blackboard in order to view the Syllabi Repository. Once signed in, click “View Upcoming Course Syllabi.”

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

Study and research

Task  Use this service Get support

Find physical and electronic resources to support your research

Library Catalog

Support for problems with how the catalog behaves

Make an appointment with a librarian for questions about finding materials.

Check due dates for library materials, status of book requests, and fines or fees

My Library Account

Support for problems with how My Account  behaves

Contact the Gelman Library Consortium Loan unit at (202) 994-1306 or

Reserve a study room in Gelman Library

Study room reservations


Make an appointment for tutoring, find times for course review sessions

Academic Commons


Search and apply for study abroad programs

GW Passport


Borrow audiovisual equipment (camera, microphone, etc.)

Create Digital Studio Email

Living and working on campus

Task  Use this service Get support

Search for a student or federal work study job

Learning in Action

PeopleAdmin support resources

Clock in/out from a student job


Clock in/out via web or telephone at (4-2274)

Contact your job supervisor with questions or for assistance resolving technical issues. 

Instructions on using Kronos

Add funds/check funds on Gworld, order food for pickup or delivery on GWorld

Get or Get App (The GET app is free and available for both Apple and Android devices. Search for GET mobile in your app store and then download to your device.)

Contact the GWorld office office with questions. 

Check your student account balance, make a payment, view and print your billing statement, enroll in a payment plan

Student eBill

Contact the Student Accounts office

Find out information on student organizations, attend student organization events, and track your involvement

GW Engage

Engage support

Submit an online housing application, complete a resident self check-In,

submit to request a housing cancellation, submit a residency exemption request, upgrade a meal plan, complete a room condition report form, request proof of residency

Campus Living E-Service

Contact Campus Living and Residential Education by phone at 202-994-2552 or email at


More information on applying for housing

Search for potential roommates for on-campus housing


Contact Campus Living and Residential Education by phone at 202-994-2552 or email at

More information on applying for housing

Get up-to-date information on the status and schedule of the Vern Express (Mount Vernon shuttle)

Download the GW Rider app or visit the GW Rider page.


Obtain a travel signature (F-1 students)

Login to ISOGateWay with your UserID and password.

Contact the International Services Office

Schedule a preventative, non-urgent, or  nursing medical appointment at Colonial Health Services 

Schedule an appointment online

Contact Colonial Health Center

Access mental health care at Colonial Health Services 

No appointment is necessary to access counseling. Consultations are being done through telehealth appointments business hours at this time due to COVID-19. There is no appointment necessary, just call during business hours 12:00pm-4:00pm Monday through Friday and 12-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Contact Colonial Health Center (phone: 202-994-5300)

Log your community service hours or find a community organization to serve with in the DC area



Click "log in" and you will be prompted to click sign on with SSO.

Connect with GWServes Support office hours or by email at

Connect and protect your technology

Task  Use this service Get support

Connect to Wireless Internet on campus

GWireless Network

GW community members may log into GWireless using their GW UserIDs and the passwords that correspond to their UserIDs.

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

Instructions for Android

Instructions for IOS 

Connect Apple TV, Playstation 4s, Roku media players and Xbox Ones to the network



For instructions on how to add your devices for GWPlay, please visit the GWiz Knowledgebase and search for keyword "GWPlay"

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

Connect to a wired network from residence hall room


Students can sign out equipment for their wired internet connections from the IT Support Center by calling 202-994-GWIT (4948) or by visiting the ITSC Walk-Up Support Office. Most residence halls require media converters to use GWired.

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

Information about GWired

Store, access, or share files in the cloud

GW Box Login

Access Google Drive

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

About backup, storage, and document management at GW

Protect your computer from viruses

Download Symantec

Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

Watch TV (for on campus residents only)

Xfinity On Campus (XOC)


Contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or

FAQs on television services


Academic software

A list of academic software available at GW will be available soon. 

Virtual Computer Lab 

Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) is a cloud-based service that allows you to run Windows-based software through a web browser. VCL is available only during the virtual learning period to provide special access to certain specialized academic software while students and faculty are away from campus. 

  • VCL allows entitled users to access university-licensed applications 24-hours a day from home or any location with an active internet connection.
  • VCL provides access to these environments through a virtual desktop running Windows OS.
  • It is not necessary to be on GW campus or VPN in order to access the Virtual Computer Lab.
  • Available software includes: Microsoft Office Apps (Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word 2016), Google Chrome Browser, ArcGIS, SAS, SPSS, NVivo12, RStudio, R x64, GeoDA

More information and access to VCL.


Staying safe online and the security of your personal data is everyone’s responsibility. Below are some non-technical steps you can take to keep your online life secure. More information is available in the IT Security 101 brochure from GW Information Technology.   

  • Use strong passwords. If your password is a word that can be found in the dictionary, it is not a strong password.
  • Never share your passwords with anyone.
  • Do not open messages or click on links sent by unknown users
  • Never give out your personal information, such as passwords, via email.
  • Do not open files with suspicious extensions, such as .exe, .scr, .vbs, .hta, .reg or .bat.
  • Always install updates for your installed software. 
  • Encrypt sensitive data. To know more about encryption safeguards, please email us at
  • Back up your data securely. 
  • Use secure sites (designated by “https” in the URL or a padlock ) for the following: 
    • If you are about to enter sensitive information on a website. 
    • If you are on a public wireless network and entering information.
  • Do not store sensitive information on your mobile devices. 
  • Lock your devices when they are not in use, and enable automatic locking on your mobile devices. Add a 6-digit passcode (instead of a 4-digit one) to your mobile device for increased security. 
  • Before you e-cycle a device, work with an IT support analyst to wipe your data. 
  • Read the warnings and pop-ups that appear when you use applications. 
  • Enable remote locator and wiping services on your mobile devices. These services can help recover lost or stolen property and/or delete a device’s data remotely if the device cannot be recovered. 
  • Avoid saving your passwords on apps and mobile websites.


Different software and technologies are supported by different campus entities. For specific software assistance, contact the technology support center listed under each software below.

Type of Technology Primary Support Center
University technology services, including student Blackboard support, email, and internet access GW IT Support Center (ITSC)
Support for faculty and teaching assistants with instructional technologies used for classes Instructional Technology Lab (ITL)
Apple warranty support for personal hardware Buff And Blue Apple Repair Center
Computing labs in Tompkins Hall and Science and Engineering Hall SEAS Computing Facility
Instructional computer labs in Academic Building, Corcoran School of Art and Design, Media & Public Affairs Building, Phillips Hall, Smith Hall  CCAS Office of Technology Services
Computer labs and technology in School of Business-supported classrooms in Duques Hall and Funger Hall GWSB Office of Information Technology Services