Study Skills

General Study Strategies

  • Working with your professors is an important part of the academic experience. Check out these communication skills for building effective connections with faculty. 
  • Do you struggle to take quality notes in your classes? Here are some tips to take notes that will help you remember and review class information. 
  • Have you ever read something from a textbook and not been able to recall it shortly afterwards? Take a look at these reading comprehension strategies to help retain information more effectively. 
  • Are you looking for ways to better study for your tests? Review these methods for preparing for exams
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities? Try incorporating some of these time management and scheduling strategies into your routine. 

Academic Resources

  • Peer tutoring is available in courses across the curriculum through Academic Commons. Students can schedule one-on-one appointments, access drop-in tutoring, or attend structured review sessions in select courses. >
  • Libraries and Academic Innovation hosts free workshops for improving your skills.
  • Student Success Coaching, a program offered through the Office for Student Success, is provided to all undergraduate students to help equip students with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to successfully navigate their undergraduate experience. 
  • The Writing Center offers students with one-on-one consultations to work in dialogue with writers at all stages of the writing process. 

Virtual Learning Strategies 

Online courses may be intimidating, but with practice and dedication, all students can be successful. Take a look at the following resources to help establish a foundation for success in your online classes. Visit the skills for virtual learning page for much more information on succeeding in an online environment.